Shelly Gunewardena

    (60 years of experience) is the founder, CEO of Mil-Spec Magnetics, Inc. During His previous employment as Director of Engineering at Vanguard Electronics, Inc. Shelton designed and Patented a series of Chip inductors now known by MIL Spec M 83446. These chip inductors are used in Military, Space and Communication equipment in the U.S. and Europe.

    Working with Sandia National Laboratories, Shelton entered into Cooperative Research & Development Agreement, CRADA, to jointly develop an advance Chip Inductor. This CRADA resulted in the granting of two new patents, one for the development of a new magnetic material, and the other for a new chip inductor methodology.

    Another successful project included the development of a miniature 1200 Volt flyback transformer funded by DOE, in a second CRADA jointly with Sandia National Laboratories, which is now in production phase.