(Ben)  Eksath B. Weerekoon   
Test & Evaluation Engineer

BSc. Engineering, University of Sri Lanka

    Ben joined Mil-Spec Magnetics in 2001 with 24 years experience in Electronics & Electrical engineering, in research and manufacturing. Ben conducts  Qualification Testing of transformers and Inductors, calibration and maintenance of test equipment, design & fabrication of test fixtures. He is also involved in design, manufacturing and troubleshooting activities of magnetic components.  He recently developed a high efficiency Pulse Transformer jointly with Sandia National Laboratories for viewing pulse currents of 2200A / 200nS, and completed it through prototyping and qualification into production within the short time span of 10 weeks.  

    His hobbies include directing & managing sound for cultural music productions, with his wife as lead singer and physician son as the gifted keyboard artist.  He also enjoys flying model airplanes.